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At Big Bass Guide Service in the Orlando Kissimmee Disney area, we fish a lot of lakes! Just to name a few: Lake Toho, Butler Chain of Lakes, Lake Harris, Lake Hamilton in the Polk County area, and the Conway Chain of Lakes. We fish many other lakes in the area and also have access to various private lakes in the Orlando tourist area.

Below are two world-renowned popular lakes in the Orlando area, described in further detail.

Butler Chain of Lakes

The Butler Chain of Lakes was formed as a result of a typical Florida occurrence known as Karst topography. Limestone, which underlies most of Florida, was slowly dissolved by water to form sinkholes. A series of sinkholes that formed over time produced the sparkling, pristine Butler Chain of Lakes. Many areas within the lakes can be as deep as 30 to 40 feet. The chain of lakes, (Down, Wauseon Bay, Butler, Louise, Isleworth, Tibet-Butler, Chase, Blanche, Sheen, Pocket, and Fish), have been designated by the Department of Environmental Regulation of the State of Florida as "Outstanding Florida Waters" due to their excellent water quality and wildlife habitat.

Consisting of clear water, deep ledges, visible and submergent vegetation, the Butler chain offers a wide variety of lure options, as well as year round fishing. Schooling bass can be found almost year round allowing for exciting topwater action. Finesse techniques are also excellent choices for water that can be clear enough to see 10 ft deep on a sunny day.

June, July, August and September are excellent times for summer schooling bass. Book early morning trips because by noon it is too hot for fish or man.

Although live bait can be used on this chain, I prefer only artificial because of the wide variety of techniques available to catch pre-spawn, spawning and post spawn bass. This chain is excellent for anglers from the North and from Japan who are accustomed to deep clear water while using spinning tackle with light line. Another plus is the location of the chain: just minutes from the Disney area and Universal Studios.

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Having regained its strength, the large female bolts from human grasp and disappears into the deeper water. The smiling bass angler dries his hands with a towel and says “Until next time!” That simple act of catch and release gives modern fishermen more satisfaction than they would ever get from the traditional stringer photo of days past. The practice of setting free a potential wallhanger or sizable meal is an act of good stewardship that protects the future of the sport by preserving the larger, more prolific spawners. We practice catch and release too - we are bass fishing guides in Orlando Kissimmee, Florida.

But safely releasing a large fish requires some special care. Bass suffer physiological stress during the fight following the hookup and during handling. It’s important to take care of the fish once it is caught. With wet hands and mindful of exposed hooks, most people can carefully secure a thumbhold on the lower jaw of the bass. The next step is to gently but quickly remove the hook with pliers of a hemostat. Once the hook is out, it is vital to revive the fish before releasing it. If necessary, this can be done by gently holding the bass at the base of the tail and covering the nose and eyes to allow the fish to calm down. This only takes a minute or so. When fully revived, it will gladly swim away from a gentle hold. But not to worry; we are the best bass fishing guides in Orlando and Kissimmee, Florida and we will happily help you.

Lake Tohopekaliga

Lake Toho offers year round trophy bass fishing and provides your best chance to experience the catch of a lifetime! Located just minutes from the Disney area, Lake Toho is the northern most lake in the Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, which consists of four lakes: Lake Toho, Lake Cypress, Lake Hatchineha and Lake Kissimmee. Originally, part of the Kissimmee river system that leads to Lake Okeechobee and further South, Lake Toho has been known for it's trophy bass fishing for over 50 years!

With an abundance of both visible and submergent vegetation, and an average depth of only 6 - 7 feet, Lake Toho offers a wide range of bass fishing techniques to hunt big Florida Bass. Texas rigged plastic worms, spinnerbaits, topwater baits, rattle traps, soft jerkbaits and shallow running crankbaits can all produce quality numbers of bass. Bass fishing with live wild shiners are an excellent choice for those looking to use live bait to catch trophy bass, as wild shiners are native to the lake.

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