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Importance Of Line Size by Captain Charlie

Wednesday, February 3rd, 2010

Line size plays a very important role in determining the depth that you can obtain with a crankbait. You are simply going to get more depth with lighter line. The reason is that the lighter the line, the smaller the diameter, so there is less friction coming through the water. The heavier the line, the more resistance because there’s more friction.

You would be surprised at the difference that 10-pound test line and 20-pound test make.  With the average crankbait, you can get a couple of extra feet of depth with 10-pound test and in many situations, an extra 2 feet can be crucial.  But when you use line below 10-pound test, you actually lose a little depth because of line stretch.

Another poblem created by using heavier line with crankbaits is the possibility of altering that all-important vibration pattern.  Anything that moves through the water vibrates to some degree, and line also makes noise coming through the water.  The diameter of heavier line can change the vibration pattern of a crankbait.

Naturally, the smaller the lure, the more critical the problem becomes – both in terms of depth and vibration.  Larger lures do not present that much of a problem.  BASS FISHING ORLANDO FLORIDA, Orlando Bass Fishing Guides,