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Recommended Tackle For Spinner Baits

Saturday, March 13th, 2010

Captain Charlie uses two different types of outfits for his spinner-bait fishing, depending on whether he’s target fishing or working large weed flats.

Target Fishing – You’ll need a 5 1/2-foot medium-power bait-caster with a limber tip for good casting accuracy. Combine this with a medium-speed bait-casting reel.

Weed-Flat Fishing – Use a 7-foot medium-power bait-caster with a long handle for making two-handed power casts. The distance is necessary to cover expansive weed flats. Use the same type of reel as you would for target fishing.

Your choice of line depends on water clarity. For clear water, Captain Charlie uses 8- to 10- pound-test mono; for dark or muddy water, 30- pound super-line or 17- to 25- pound mono. At Big Bass Guide Service we use spinnerbaits a lot in Orlando, and Kissimmee,  Lakeland, and Disney area lakes,