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Gizzard Shad for Big Bass

Sunday, October 24th, 2010

Although shad is the predominant bait fish of the country’s top bass lakes, they are seldom used to catch large mouth or smallmouth. But they have gained a reputation of one of the most reliable baits for trophy stripers.
The species most often used as bait is the gizzard shad. The threadfin shad is smaller and not as hardy. You can easily tell the difference by looking at the tail. On the gizzard shad, it has a blackish margin; on the treadfin, yellowish. For strippers of 20 pounds or more, use 10-15 inches in length.

Shad are even more difficult to keep alive than golden shiners, so you’ll raley find them in bait shops. Most anglers go out in the morning & use a net to catch enough shad for a day of fishing. They keep the shad in large, insulated aerated tanks.