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Monday, March 14th, 2011

FISH DRY LAND. Whenever you look at a landscape, imagine it flooded. Try to visualize the paths the fish would follow as they move in that habitat. Where would they position themselves to gain an advantage? Picture yourself in a boat floating overhead, and try to figure out where you should be casting, based on what’s visible above your imaginary waterline. This will help you guess where fish might be waiting for a meal and determine how to present a lure to those spots. Bass Fishing Orlando Kissimmee and Disney Area, Also Lakeland FL Area.


Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

BE OBSERVANT. If you see a swirl, cast to it. If you notice an increase in animal activity along the shore-line, or if the frogs seem particularly active in a lily pad bed, get busy and stay alert. Like the bass, animal behavior is influenced by factors that we may not recognize because we are too far removed from our primordial origins. Often, the whole food chain stirs from the bottom up, increased activity anywhere in it could mean as impending surge in bass activity.


Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

SWEAT THE DETAILS. Slide the last few feet of line through your fingers every few casts to feel for nicks and abrasions. If there’s any question, cut it off and retie. Learn to sharpen hooks properly. Make sure the hooks on each lure are sharp. Examine your lure frequently and clean any gunk from the swivels and hardware as soon as it accumulates. You only get so many chances, so why not do what you can to ensure that everything will go right when the next one occurs?… GOOD HABITS FOR, All Lakes in Orlando Kissimmee and Disney Area Lakes.