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Lunker part three

Tuesday, April 24th, 2012

Once the parental duties have been fulfilled,and for the remainder of the spring, summer, and fall, the young inhabit a thick, protective cover of weeds or whatever else they can find. It is here they learn the exclusionary nature of predation: they must temper the want-everything mentality of youth and learn, bite by bite, to exclude things they can not have from their diet. For the baby bass, these might be creatures as large as or even larger than themselves, things that do not seem to fear or react to them with flight, things with bright yellow and black warning colors or sharp fin spines, or those that are fast the young ones never seem to be able to catch them.


Thursday, April 5th, 2012

Perhaps only one in eleven nests has even one egg hatch and is not simply abandoned by the protective male to swarms of predators like bluegills, minnows, or other pan fish. Even if he is successful in guarding some of the eggs for the four to seven days until they hatch, he must then protect the undisciplined cloud of baby fry for up to six weeks until they reach about an inch in length and disperse into heavy cover to fend for themselves. BASS FISHING GUIDES ORLANDO, KISSIMMEE, FLORIDA.