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Lunker bass part nine,

Tuesday, August 28th, 2012

If your hardy enough to chase big bass through the winter months, you will do best when you remember the winter fishing watchwords, “deep and steep.” Most bass are found on banks with a slope greater forty-five degrees. They can go for weeks this time of year without any food and then eat only very small morsels. Most of their movements within the water column are vertical rather than horizontal. Hello at big bass guide service we learned all of these tips the hard way . Bass Fishing Orlando Florida.

Lukers part eight

Wednesday, August 8th, 2012

They make forays close to the surface on surface on sunny days or during indian summers. With physiological demand for food so low,any male extra morsels go a long way toward providing reserve sustenance. Giant bass seem to maintain the highest level of activity, even when the lake is covered with ice and most of the warm water fish are in hibernation. As a result,the largest bass ever recorded in Massachusetts or, for that matter, in any other northern state was an amazing specimen weighing 15.5 pounds, caught on sampson pond by ice fisherman. BASS FISHING ORLANDO FLORIDA,