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Underwater Senses

Sunday, September 23rd, 2012

Bass rely on several senses to cature prey. When an active, hungry bass searches for food, the first sense to come into play could be touch. Along the mid-section of most fish, a series of pores that detect low-level vibrations completes a tactile system called the lateral line. Through this line, bass can feel vibrations below hearing level, those in the frequency range of one to two hundred cycles per second. Oftena bass can feel the distress signals of a wounded or dying minnow long before it sees or hears the prey. Bass Fishing Orlando Florida,,,

Lunker Bass Part Ten

Sunday, September 16th, 2012

You will be most likely to find bass if you concentrate on those steep drop-offs located in twenty to forty feet of water on the points around creek mouths and rear bends in the main lake channel. The best offerings should include small, heavy lures fished verticallly on light line. A small silver spoon fished yo-yo style straight under the bost just might angle you a firsthand encounter with that winter lunker before she returns in early spring, heavy with eggs, to that warm northern cove where she hatched and found a way to survive so many seasons ago.
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