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Underwater Senses part Seven,

Friday, February 1st, 2013

Less active bass tend to approach a potential meal very slowly and from the rear until they are very near, then they to suck it in. They do this by flaring open their gills, which quickly draws water and any potential food that lies suspended nearby into thir mouth. This is what happens when a bass fisherman feels a mushy “tick” when using lighter plastic baits or igs. Less active bass may not persue the items further if they fail to suck it in immediatly. This means that hearvier ones,with the hook placed closer to the tail, would succeed, especially when all the bass in the lake seem to be inactive or neutral about feeding. It is crutial to a fisherman to understand the activity leval of bass and then be able to select and rig lures accordingly. BASS FISHING ORLANDO FLORIDA,┬áBASS FISHING ORLANDO,