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Sunday, March 10th, 2013

Although they are terribly effective predators, bass are also scavengers. Rrecently killed bait fish lying on the bottom are fair game. Sometimes still fishing with dead bait works better than actively fishing with lures. Bass rely on there sense of smellto locate dead minnows. They have two nostrils positioned directly above there mouth. These nostrils funnel water to olfactory organs, which, although much less well developed than those of a carp or a crawfish, occasionally serve quite well for finding convenient meals that can not easily escape an ambush or fight back. BASS FISHING IN ORLANDO KISSIMMEE AND DISNEY AREA, BASS FISHING ORLANDO,

Underwater Senses Number Eight

Sunday, March 3rd, 2013

There are several factors, including weather activity levels. When the barometric pressure rises or drops beyond a certain point, bass fishing ceased to be fantastic. A few fish are always biting, but a summer cold front will almost always turn off most bass. Fall cold fronts, on the other hand, actually seem to stimulate feeding at times, as if Mother Nature is prodding them to stock up on nutrients for that long, cold winter ahead. Bass Fishing Orlando,