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Casting Techniques, part six,

Tuesday, March 25th, 2014

Skip and roll casts are also useful when working in,around,and under cover. With this technique,shorter rods six to six and a half feet) with shorter handles are best because they are more maneuverable.With a quick,underhanded roll of the wrist, you can skip or flick” a lure a good distance back under a low,overhanging obstruction. Spin and spincast outfits with revolving spools baitcasts reels tend to overrun and backlash will accuratley and quietly place lures in the tightest pockets of cover.

Casting Techniques,part five,

Thursday, March 6th, 2014

Although flipping allows you to cover shallow, nearby targets more quickly than pitching,it is limited to off color water. When targeting heavy cover in relatively clear water,pitching is more appropriate because it allows you to cast from farther out. With both techniques,use heavy-action rods, baitcast reels with low gear ratios,and strong,abrasion-resistant fishing lines.