In the sport of bass fishing, there may be many places around a lake with similar conditions where at least a few fish are almost guaranteed. It may be every fallen tree in the water or only those on south shores. Small patches of red rock scattered throughout the fishery may be the key. It may not be the rock shore or the clay bank next to it but the transiton between the two. It may be a single underwater rock pile with access to deep water or a long point that ends in an underwater river channel. All hot spots seem to have one thing in common; they are different from the surrounding area. Finding and fishing these spots well take common sense and recognition of what drew the fish there in the first place. There are times when no matter what we do, we “catch “em good” at a hot spot. Even in those situations, more careful thought would probably increase the number, and maybe even the size, of the bass taken. Approach the spot knowing fish are there. Work your bait as if a fish were looking at it every second it’s in the water. Shut down the gas motor farther away than usual. Make long casts in your initial approach, and be quiet. Go as if you”re sneaking into the house after a late night. Fish the outside edges first, working to the heart of the spot. Wear clothes that blend into the sky. Watch your shadow and, like a top gun pilot, come in low with the sun at your back. If possible (and if you have a good livewell), do not release fish until you leave. They may not talk to each other, but the caught fish you stressed may release substances into the water that cause the others to lose their appetite. After thoroughly fishing the spot, come back later. You probably didn’t catch all the resident fish, and those you traumatized by catching their buddy may have gotten over it. Additionally, the bass you did catch once lived somewhere else, and if conditions don’t radically change, you can bet sooner or later new fish will move in. If a spot that seemed to hold a large number of fish turns off, look around. Bass are very territorial and generally don’t move far. You may find they just left the top of your rock pile for the deep cut thirty feet away. Finlly, savor it, enjoy it, and be sure to smile a lot. Fishing hot spots is pretty cool.In Orando and  Kissimmee and in Disney Area hot spots are a must. Bass Fishing Orlando Florida.


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